Threat Intelligence and Me Launch

Hello everyone,

It’s been almost 3 1/2 years since Jeff Haas and I brought Little Bobby to life in “SCADA and Me: A Book for Children and Management.” Time has flown by and we’ve greatly enjoyed continuing to bring Little Bobby to life in his weekly comic. Today though, we are proud to announce that we have finished and published the next book in the series “Threat Intelligence and Me: A Book for Children and Analysts.” We have worked to keep the book humorous and the flavor of sarcasm and wonder that Little Bobby is known for but we have also made this book considerably more educational. I.e. you might actually learn something by reading it; hopefully you learn and laugh at the same time. Where SCADA and Me clocked in at 30 pages long Threat Intelligence and Me comes in at 50 pages. It’s a bit of a longer read to get through the material but it’s packed with some of my favorite concepts and jokes in the industry.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the book. It was our joy to make it. Find it on Amazon here.