Introducing the First Story Arc – Encryption and Me

Story Arcs are a series of Little Bobby comics that go together sequentially to form a short story. They will sometimes be the lead in to launch a new book and sometimes, like this first Story Arc, they will be a complete story that attempts to take a on an issue that needs more than a comic or two to explain appropriately.

The first Little Bobby Story Arc will be titled “Encryption and Me” and contain six comics that will be released once a Sunday starting this week. Why is Little Bobby tackling encryption? Because it is an important aspect of the modern world that is often misunderstood by the masses. So misunderstood in fact that some blatantly wrong narratives are being told about encryption by some individuals that have the national spotlight in what appears to be a gross misunderstanding or a concerted effort to advance an agenda. It may be well intentioned but it is based on inaccuracies. For example, some individuals have talked about “backdoors” into encryption or “good guy backdoors” which are ultimately different ways to lessen how bad the truth sounds – an effort to undermine encryption. The debate on security vs. privacy will continue but it must be based on facts and evidence, not attempts to confuse people using highly technical concepts. Little Bobby is not a character that will ever take on political agendas but he is a character that is constantly interested in the world around him. I truly hope no one reads this Story Arc in an attempt to become well educated on encryption – this should not be the only source of someone’s education on the current encryption debate. Instead, this is an attempt to interest others to look at the topic while taking a lighthearted look at the issue that can only be done with child like wonder and humor – a perfect setting for a comic strip.