Hello World

Today is the official launch of Little Bobby. It’s exciting to be able to continue the fun from SCADA and Me in this new endeavor with illustrator Jeff Haas. The reception to SCADA and Me was truly shocking for us especially given that the origin of the book was one of equal parts education and laughing off frustrations. We hope to be able to recapture what many loved in that book while opening up Little Bobby to more adventures as he explores topics such as Net Neutrality, Data Privacy, the Cloud, and of course SCADA. If it’s a buzzword, a complex technical subject, or the center of a security debate it’s likely that Little Bobby will attempt to learn more about it and Jeff and I will be here to share the adventure.

Growing up it was always exciting to me to read new comics on Sunday morning. It was nice to read something lighthearted and fun to start off the day and it was always fun when there were inside jokes or witty lines that added a good laugh. In that spirit and in the hopes to interest people in a variety of technical and security related topics, we will be posting a new comic on the website and its Twitter every Sunday morning. Our attempt is not to be an expert in every field or to pretend to be a comic that can teach people all they need to know about these subjects. In truth, if all you learn about a topic is from a comic its best not to discuss that openly. But instead, hopefully Jeff and I can interest people in new topics and debates they may not have been exposed to, help simplify some complex fields, and ultimately provide a few laughs to everyone – especially those in the various communities that might feel a bit of frustration with the media and industry hype that sometimes surrounds these areas. Thank you for taking part in our journey and in the adventures of Little Bobby.