Little Bobby is a weekly Sunday morning web comic based on the widely read book: SCADA and Me: A Book for Children and Management by Robert M. Lee and illustrated by Jeff Haas. SCADA and Me took a lighthearted approach to explaining what a SCADA system was and locations that they could be found such as the electrical power grid. The book followed Little Bobby and his exploration of SCADA with numerous inside jokes written for the SCADA community; its primary purpose was to have fun while trying to educate on a few simple topics. Little Bobby continues the adventure of Little Bobby as he explores technical and security related topics including, but not limited to, SCADA, the Cloud, Net Neutrality, Hacking, and Big Data. The comic strip continues the lighthearted nature of SCADA and Me and focuses on making technical and often dry topics more accessible to a wider audience with humor and inside jokes for the topic’s respective community.

Robert M. Lee is the writer for Little Bobby and draws inspirations for the comic from his own adventures in technical and security related fields. Robert started his career as an active-duty U.S. Air Force Cyber Warfare Operations Officer working in the U.S. Intelligence Community working on complex and technical missions including the discovery of national level cyber threats and the security of SCADA and industrial control systems. He is currently the CEO of Dragos Security and is also a SANS Institute course author and instructor as well as an Adjunct Lecturer at Utica College where he teaches in the M.S. Cybersecurity program. Lastly, Robert is a PhD candidate at Kings College London focusing on research in control system cyber security and cyber conflict. Robert may be found on Twitter @RobertMLee

Jeff Haas is an artist and illustrator who has a career that has spanned a variety of media – including comics, book and magazine illustrations, corporate and private murals, theatrical posters, board games, and paintings. He is an accomplished artist who has managed to transform a personal passion into a career that has reached many and has been critically acclaimed by international audiences. Jeff and his wife live in Michigan, where they have been remodeling a 100 year old home “forever”.

Two comic strips in particular have influenced the style of Little Bobby. The artistic style of Calvin and Hobbes as well as its contribution to stirring creativity has served as a great inspiration. The technical expertise as well as the witty nature and alternate, “hover over”, text for XKCD also served as a chief inspiration for the style of Little Bobby. The author and illustrator want to thank both of these comics for the examples and influence they set forth.

Use Policy
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